Who is Analytic Flying?

We started Analytic Flying to give us a platform to share detailed economic and financial analysis of the Australian airline industry with fellow Avgeeks without the constraints of typical forum platforms. Having a blog allows us to take the time and space to complete thorough analyses, presenting it with supporting data. Also, it allows us to do it without the fear of forum moderators censoring opinion and using their power to selectively threaten, intimidate, and ban users who simply don’t share their view.

Why does this blog maintain anonymity?

Anonymity allows bloggers the freedom to write informative and provocative blogs, using their professional knowledge, expertise and insight to conduct analyses. In many cases, bloggers work in the industry and maintaining anonymity allows them to contribute without constraints. This does generate the potential for conflict of interest and we will endeavour to note any conflicts as they arise.

How do we ensure credibility?

All data used in an analysis is always sourced with detailed information where users can find and verify its authenticity, or use it to draw their own conclusions. Publicly available data is used as much as possible. Where proprietary data is used, this is explicitly noted.

We try as much as possible to refrain from sharing opinion, and where we do we try to make this as explicit as possible and avoid value judgements. If you are concerned with the credibility or accuracy of data or analysis then please let us know so that we can follow-up and post a correction or update. If you don’t like the analysis or think there more to the analysis, do let us know, or write a reply which we’ll publish if abides by the the same considerations with respect to data and opinions!

How to contact us?

Have any questions about our data, or want to challenge our analysis? Feel free to post a comment. But if you’d like to engage with us directly or write a blog, please feel free to reach out directly: admin@analyticflying.com

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Analytic Flying is a blog dedicated to providing independent economic and financial analysis on the Australian commercial aviation market, with a particular focus on airlines and airports.